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Put the Power in the hands of the people; & Expose practices that potentially cause people to lose their homes and/or real property. 
Our Plan: Share Our Stories; Demand Accountability of our public officials; Call out any Misuse Of Power; & Demand that Civil Liberties supercede special interests.

Fill Out Our Questionnaire Here:

Fill Out Our Questionnaire

A.L.M.A. strives to unite and amplify the stories of people who share a common concern about abuse of power.  Abuse of Power undermines Social Justice efforts; targets and marginalizes certain people; and drains the Public Treasury.

WE ARE: a community coalition with grievances & questions involving:
  • The City of Austin and Travis County Federally and locally funded housing programs like:
    • 'Affordable' housing & SMART housing programs
      • $-HOME, LeadSmart,
      • Single Family Home purchase and home improvement
      • LeadSmart
      • Austin Energy Audits & Weatherization Programs (i.e. home retrofitting)
      • Other
    • Contract awards & Accountability of City and County Contractors
    • Accountability of Federal Stimulus Funds for such programs
  • Land Grabs
  • Arbitrary & Capricious actions by certain Public Officials (elected or appointed) re:
    • Inspections / Code Enforcement & Interpretation
    • Home Warranties
    • Utility Districts
    • Appraisal Districts
    • Roads & Easements
  • Integrity of Due Process & the Legal System

Have certain Public Officials (elected or appointed) exercised arbitrary and capricious actions as a systemic 'business-as-usual' practice, to the detriment of the Public's Civil Liberties?  Specifically, with regard to the Texas Real Estate Industry, has this compromised the solvency of Small Businesses (i.e. individual ranchers, contractors, realtors), Consumers, HomeOwners / Home buyers, & Landowners?

Our questions include allegations that are criminal in nature i.e.:

  • Forgery;
  • Un-accounted for Federal Housing Funds;
  • Patterns & Practices;
  • Payment Authorizations; and Loan Servicing Records;

As far as we know, our Public Officials have not take action regarding these criminal allegations as required per Title 18 U.S.C.

Austinites Lobbying for Municipal Accountability (A.L.M.A.) asks these questions with the support and advocacy of The Gray Panthers of Austin (GP) and the Travis County Green Party (TCGP). 

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TODO Austin June 2010 pg 5
Austinite Fights for 
City Accountability 
to Taxpayers
By Katie Walsh 
 Click:  Letter to the U.S. Atty from Travis County Green Party. -- When might the public have answers to the following
 "Fairview Residents take concerns over code violations to Austin mayor"  By Ricardo Gandara  Austin American Statesman (3/30/2010)


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HomeOwners for Better Building (HOBB) and a number of other consumer advocacy and housing rights organizations raise parallel questions with regard to the Texas Homebuilder / 'Rehabilitation' Industry.

 The Voting Rights Act of '65 inspires the growing Hand Count Coalition:

  1. Who is the Hand Count Coalition?
    VoteRescue; Gray Panthers of Austin; LULAC Dist. 12; Travis County Green Party; Texans for Accountable Government (TAG); Austinites Lobbying for Municipal Accountability (ALMA);  Flouride Free Austin; Capitol City Cruisers; and others to be announced.
  2. Why are people interested & how does this affect you?
    Nonresponsiveness and a lack of accountability from our representatives (elected and appointed) is a growing complaint amongst citizens and advocacy groups -- as evident in Travis County Commissioner Court testimony. Even evidence of mis/mal/nonfeasance,  and fraud, waste and abuse on the part of some of our municipal officials, seems to fall on deaf ears.
  3. Does this violate Title 18 USC?
  4. How can We the People vote unresponsive officials out, if we cannot witness the counting of our votes; and therefore cannot be certain if they were indeed counted as cast? 
  5. The Alternate Findings & Recommendations Report was released by members of The Travis County Election Study Group in April 2010. Read the full report at 

Travis County Election Study Group Report of ALTERNATE Findings and Recommendations

"Nightmare in East Austin", Public Access T.V. (PACTV) hosted by David Kobierowski -- October 26, 2007

"Nightmare in East Austin" KOOP Radio, 'A Neighborly Conversation' hosted by David Kobierowski -- Wed. November 21, 2007

TC Green Party Referral to the District Attorney

Complete D.A. Package

HUD Group Complaint

A.L.M.A. General Inquiry

Fill Out Our Questionnaire

Some Abuses happen incrementally,
Robbing a Community of its ability to witness
One Clear Moment as to where and when to draw the line.
White Collar Crime:
 Takes Lives.
Mass Serial...
Do NOT be Charmed.
'Sophistication' is NOT 'Credibility'.
...Still, Abuse of Power epitomizes Pre-Meditated & Mass Serial.
We MUST insist on Accountability.


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